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Speaking Services:
  • I am available to host/emcee your event or be a guest speaker at your church, club meeting, etc. To discuss terms and availability, please email me.
  • Topics could include a short sermon/testimony, record collecting, personal observations, and humor.
About Me:
  • Favorite beverages:
    • Coffee (no cream, no sugar)
    • Water
  • Collector of music and music memorabilia.
  • I try to add a little humor to life, whenever and wherever I can.
  • I enjoy good conversation, although it seems to be harder and harder to find.
  • Observer of the human condition.
  • The personal code that I live by is something that I have developed through various sources, personal observations, and personal experiences over the years. I plan to go into more detail about this in my audiobook.
  • Eventually, I want to release an audiobook.
  • I have always counted my complete and utter lack of concern for what folks think of me as one of my greatest blessings.
Random History:
  • On December 31, 2012 and January 1, 2013, I visited the same record store. While I had not planned it this way, I ended up spending a difference of $.01 between the two days.
Random Thoughts/Questions:
  • Some jokes do not translate well to the written word.
  • If some questions have no answer, do some answers have no question?
Helpful Hints/Advice:
  • Shaving: Apply baby lotion to the blades, before starting and after each time rinsing the blades. I have found that the razor does not gunk up as bad and tends to be easier to clean. It also helps it to be a smoother shaving experience.
My Opinion:
  • Elections/Voting:
    • Nobody deserves your vote based solely upon their party affiliation nor should anyone be excluded from your vote based solely upon their party affiliation. I believe you should vote for the person that you feel will do the best job in that position and for everyone the position serves.
    • The only way any election (whether it is at your local church/union or for the highest office in the country) can ever truly represent the voice of the people is for everyone (who desires to do so) vote, those votes counted, and that be the results. Thus eliminating the need for an Electoral College or any other process to assure the "voice of the people".
Coming soon.
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